46mm Diameter - 42mm width - 60.2g

The A - Return Tops furn is a different kind of bopper. Whereas most return tops have a diameter "bigger" than the width; the fern has a diameter "only a lil bit bigger" than the width. This makes it feel like a tiny eagle with it's wings fully stretched out bop style... like a big tiny eagle though, because although it can delicately rise with the tides of the wind it also has that umph to be able to decide it's own flight path as well. I call it "big tiny technology".

A design this wide usually has a ridiculous amount of rim weight due to the laws of physics; which is why we added a whole bunch of centre weight to balance it out. It ended up being soft feeling return top that is solid in the aspect of holding momentum. It's got body in all the right places, you feel me?

Like it's homi the quail, the furn employs a super thicc and close to the ball bearing custom sized response recess with 2010 World Champion Jensen Kimmitt hand poured flowable silicone to provide for a super ridiculously tight bind return. It's not as ridiculously super tight even tighter tight tight binding as the A bearing quail because it's a D bearing furn; but it's still super ridiculously tightly tight tight binding.

And yes, we went Dif-E-Yo koncave size D bearing. After some prototypes we found that this bearing ratio is the one that just feels right. Some things can't be explained, they just is or isn't. Personally, I think that the furn is.

***Please note. These bearings come lubricated and tug responsive. You can either break it in or clean it if you like it 100% unresponsive.

Price in USD.

Machined by the wonderfully talented folks at OneDrop.

Check it out in action: