It's the HOLY GRAIL - not much more can be said.

Have you ever wanted to spend $420 on something that is not only high grade titanium but comes with a kitchen sink amount of fun extras?

Have you ever wanted a return top that vibrates not in play but in an angelic high frequency sound when hitting the siqest tricks and binds? And that can spark on concrete?

Have you ever wanted to go so luxury you are almost forced to also buy a rolex watch to match? 

Package as photographed includes

  1. Signed and numbered 5 dollar bill to verify authentication, pictures to reference is posted below.
  2. Shiny spoon for the tiny bowl
  3. Flight tag
  4. Toque
  5. Can of soup
  6. Stickers x5
  7. Extra 10 ball bearing
  8. Titanium return top

SPECS ~ weight 64.3g ~ diameter 56.6mm ~ width 44.8mm
Info on the release *Blasted version for giveaway (only 1)
Prices in USD.

  • Cans #1-26 = RAW
  • Cans #27 - #48 = BLACK
  • Cans #49 + #50 = BLACK B grade ano flaw
  • Can #51 = BLACK A- grade
  • Can #52 = BLASTED
  • Can #53 = BLACK B-Grade Vibe