Here at the A-RT headquarters we assembled a world leading think tank that met in a triple sanitized environment to concoct the next ground breaking return top design. Unfortunately that failed, so we went ahead with a word mashing AI website that gave us 2 words. Ripple and Rim.

Revolutionary. After a handful of obscene prototypes we learned that if you employ RIM RIPPLE TECHNOLOGY™ you can literally design every other attribute completely wrong and still produce the most unique, sexy looking, viper of a spinning artefact to blast you into unforeseen heavenly and precariously satisfying territories.

RIM WEIGHT for stability and long spin times? Not only not rim weight, no rim weight and BUCKETS of centre weight.

CONCAVE knob for finger spins? Not only no, but we made a CON-VEX inner hub to %100 ensure that you are unable to execute any form of finger spinning tricks.

LOW WALL for stability and a wide catch zone? How about HIGH WALL for no stability and a smaller catch zone.

KONKAVE 10 ball bearing to centre the string? How about we take all those 10 balls, put em a luxury flat bearing for violently unpredictable string placement.

A CURVED LIP so old school that you can actually use it thumb grind? Actually yes.

I know that Jensen might say that he developed the concept of rim ripple technology as a way to mimic the weight distribution of less dense materials like delrin plastic- on top of the major aesthetic benefits ; but I promise that he is incorrect and it came from an AI word masher. And I know that some might say this design is the quasi embodiment of the spirit of the most classic plastic return tops from the boom era now transformed into a high end aircraft aluminum model; but again this is false history and we drew the CAD file in a sleepless fever dream while making snow angels naked in our backyard.




On the market there exists 3 different version of the Inhaler.

The NOMINAL DOSE version weights 62.2g and has a flat inner wall.

The HEAVIER DOSE version weighs 63.2g and has an inner wall with 2 paper thin lines to differentiate.

The LIGHTER DOSE version weighs 61.2g and has an inner wall with 1 paper thin line to differentiate.

We want you guys to experience how much 1 gram can change the feel of a throw. It’s pretty cool honestly; and we just wanted the option as well personally.



Diameter: 53.83 mm ~ Width: 42.92 mm ~ Weight: 62.2g - 63.2g

Includes a 10 Ball Bearing.
Includes an XL Kitty String.
Includes 1 of 2 sticker packs that have 4 different stickers.
Includes the packaging as presented in photos.
Includes a kiss from the makers.

Sale Price: $137 USD

Return Top Design,
and Packaging,
By: Chase Hadden