NERDS will declare that this noble venture, 4 years in the making, led to an innovation of one painfully difficult technique of undercut machining which would permit a floating weight distribution away from the rim and into the center sphere of the model (reminiscent of less dense materials). Feels SOFT like plastic while still HARD like metal.

Add to that a D bearing on a full size throw; we are now heading into uncharted territory experiencing novel movement to stimulate new ideas. Like most good D bearings the regen and bind capabilities are limited only by that of your rich imagination. While the profile shares an aesthetic beauty with the fern; the performance is assuredly not much similar, because of the drastic difference in size and weight distribution. Think of them as 2 hot orphaned cousins that are of course still connected, but also not really that much.

CHADS will just say it's frickin kush.

Diameter: 56mm - Width: 50mm - Weight: 63.8g

D bearing

*Because of the wide shape paired with a small bearing and hand poured silicone response; if you are indeed a master worthy of wielding the kush - it might require some breaking in. If you unscrew the return top there will likely be tuning required; this consists of twisting it a bit tighter or more lose, and/or shifting around the position of the axle. The bearing also comes hand lubed with MCT oil.

Includes an extra Axle