This oak creation is on the heavier and bigger side of our wooden lineup. Just like other wooden tops, each turning of the lathe produces a pairing of halves that is unique in feel and weight shile still demonstrating the core attributes of the design. The peon plays with heft and body while still requiring a finesse in execution with the centre weight high wall design. 

The Peon can be a huge influence in exploring a style of play on the slower and bigger side of the organic spectrum as compared to the squib. Your hands might end up doing more movements along with the top - whereas with a lighter design your hands would be encouraged to act more as conductors directing the top to do most of the movements.

The Peon's raw wooden surface ages gracefully and individually upon use.

Carved by Jensen. Guts machined by One Drop. Includes the coveted DS bearing. Price in USD.

Width: 40.9mm - Diameter: 64.5mm