The Poupon is an Orphan with bearings instead of the solid wooden axle. I first figured out how to make wooden tops unresponsive by cannibalizing a One Drop Rally. The design is simple enough that I could use fairly common tools to greatly increase the spin time of wooden throws.

At first they weren't very stable. The first PEONs that I made were pretty rough but I was mostly just happy to have a wooden top to play with at all. In recent years I've refined the process to minimize vibe. No wood yo-yo is perfect but as I get better and make more tops the quality improves as well.

 The newest wooden models I've been putting out make use of black One Drop Cabal guts. I think they look pretty siq and clean up the overall look of the top. They play rly good n spin n stuff. YYR DS bearing. Shreds. 

65mm x 29mm @ approx 65g average. Weight fluctuates up to 4g on either side.