Diameter: 56.2 mm ~ Width: 43.1mm ~ Gap: 3.9mm ~ Gold NSK ~ Weight: 62.1g

Hand Painted Rims - Comes with nicest Gold Bearing probably in the world - Only 17 of these ones

The Triptych has a very particular feel to it. It's a big boy good for big movements and big catches, but it's very light so you can throw it around and make it do a lot of what small and nimble designs are usually good for. Because of the combination of a light organic shape with extreme rim weight, when it comes to the forgiveness sector the triptych runs along the middle of the spectrum. It is a little sensitive and doesn't let up too easy on mistakes; however it can still power through certain string predicaments that it's grail or quail counterparts might have seized up on. I don't so much like big high rim weight based return tops when they are heavy and sluggish; but this is where we went in the opposite direction. We took big, high rim weight and made it soft and light. It feels like a firm cushion at the end of the string on a throw and on the string during play. If you add to all of this an NSK bearing and throw in the smaller gap size that we did; the levels of butter goes off the charts and the binds make for very smooth endings or transitions to whatever shenanigans you decide to take part in. A unique design that I am proud to display to you all.

Check out the videos for Jenny's personal insight and the boys laying down some tricks.