The Canadian flag has a third colour....
The GOLD of Canadian providence.
The GOLD of 1896.
And now...
The Golden treasures of tomorrow...
Of expeditions on the frontier of yoyo,
A Manifest Destiny that manifests tricks,
A brotherhood of yoyo-excellence born from the seed of a Holy design.
Welcome, indeed dear brothers
Welcome and rejoice
Ours is a time of Mirth.
An auspicious moon loiters in Heaven's vault.
The world is showing us beautiful things.
And it can show you such beauty too.
Introducing the yokel 
The newest model by A-rt
Designed by Tiberius Vienneau
Weight: 60.9g
Diameter: 50mm
Width: 40mm
Machine by the wonderfully talented folks at One Drop Design.
This is a sensitive little yo with very large movment potential; we MAXXED agility for total ZIP. Be warned, the yokel takes some time to acclimate to, due to light weight. 
This is a great yoyo if you are looking for a unique playing design--and something that will encourage you to be more purposful with your hand positioning.