7069 aluminum Diptych tweaked for weight.

This aluminum is more dense and has a different finish, one might say more polished. The price reflects this added cost in material and limited nature of the D7. Changing from 6069 aluminum adds weight as well; and yet we did not want to lose the nimble elegance of this here baby so we actually tweaked the design to lower the weight! This provides a better balance in relationship with the material and also creates a unique experience.

The Diptych design takes flight like a large hefty butterfly. Retains the nimble elegance of our other designs while simultaneously carrying a bit more density in play; leaning towards a partially stable and rigid essence.

All that to say, it's a tiny lil bowl.

Sale Price: $147 USD

Weight: 62g  Width: 42.3mm  Diameter: 55.5mm
Machine by the wonderfully talented folks at One Drop Design.