Life is our collaboration with G2. It's a cross between a Warthog and a Grail. 

In a lot of ways it's an anti-grail. A bunch of people like our yo-yos for being different from "traditional" design features like excessive much rim weighting and extreme weight placement, but some don't. So we made pretty much the same yo-yo but tuned it so it spins longer, is more stable and uses design cues from G2's idea bank. 

You like the Grail but want it to spin longer? You like the Warthog but wish it was more "organic"? Well this ones for you. 

For me personally this project is about working together with ideological opposites. It seems like people these days just hate each other if they don't share the exact same "values" or whatever. You can't be part of this group if you don't do this or that. You can't be with those guys and be with these guys at the same time. No thanks. My only real value is love. Love doesn't come with conditions.

G2 and A Return Tops inhabit different areas of the yo-yo realm. I look at what we do as an overly purist approach to spin things and G2 is more of a purist collecting spin things. We don't really do splash, they do crazy splash etc..  I think we both get flack from conventional companies who sponsor contest players and make signature tops. As much as we may be different in approach, we're both taking an alternate route to solving the universal problem of selling string spinners. 

Point is: just because people belong to different groups of friends or hold on to ideas that are different from your own doesn't mean you can't work together, make cool things together and grow from each other's perspectives. We're just humans. There's a lot of things we do to differentiate from each other, but we're also still all the same thing. LIFE MAN. WE'RE JUST LIFE AND LI- k I'll stop. 

I know a lot of people look at me and judge me for this or that. If you looked at me on paper you'd probably just crumple it up and throw it in the garbage.

We can stay separated and fall apart or we can work to overcome the boundaries we've set up to keep ourselves isolated from sharing love. 

Width - 44.5mm
Diameter - 56.7mm
Weight - 64.8mm 
Bearing - YYR DS 

Machined at OD.