Width: 42.2mm

OD: 53.2mm

Bearing: Size A KK

Response: Silicone

The A - Return Tops quail has a never seen before custom super thicc and close to the ball bearing response recess with 2010 World Champion Jensen Kimmitt hand poured flowable silicone to provide for a super ridiculously tight bind return. But super ridiculously tight was not tight enough, no the Quail also incorporates an A size Dif-E-Yo koncave bearing to create even tighter tight tight binds with a real tight to the string type smooth type feeling. 

Are you ready for the most sensitive girl you have ever met? Are you ready to meet aluminum in the face when your technique is not gONNA CUT IT!? The RPM is real and true with this one; and with the A sized bearing she accelerates "tres rapidement".

The Quail has the cloudy, drifty, float of the Grail with the light, quick, nimbleness of it’s sparrow cousin. All in all it looks very much like the exact same return top as all our other designs but it isn’t, but it is similar, but also it is different in the ways that we described that is unique and awesome. 

The Quail, AKA, the super sickest most tightly tight ass binding return top toy of all of time. Tell your wife, it might just save your marriage.

**Note: The nature of A Bearing designs is that slight vibration is more commonly present. We would not sell a product with wobble or that is compromised in feel and play; but this design won't be as stone cold dead smooth vibration wise as say the 420 usually is. We also recommend using regular thickness string :)